Which Paint Should I Use Outside?

We are often asked: what is the best paint for outside? In this article we explain everything about paint for all your wood outside and we explain the best tested paint for this. With all brands on the market it appears to be difficult to see the paint through all the pots. No worries, we come to the rescue.

First, the most important properties of good exterior paint at a glance:

  • Good exterior paint must last as long as possible
  • Outside the paint gets the most to endure, it is therefore advisable to use the strongest paint, that is high gloss paint
  • Use a paint that does not become too hard but remains elastic

How many years do I have to paint my wooden frames?

Good question! This is (depending on the paint you use) usually between 4 and 6 years. If you opt for a better quality of paint, this will be about two to three years later. The condition of the substrate also plays an important role in this. You can see that your paint needs to be replaced when your old layer starts to powder.

How many layers of paint should I use?

Always use 1 coat of primer (for example Sikkens Rubbol Primer Extra) and 1 coat of varnish paint.

How long does paint have to dry before rain?

It is important to keep a close eye on the weather when painting outside. Rain on wet paint can be disastrous for a good end result. The advice is therefore: Make sure that you paint on a rain-free day. The damage that rain can cause depends on the shower, this is hard and will almost certainly cause damage. Does it just drip a little? Then you can just be lucky and there is a chance that your painting will come out unscathed.

Paint railing:

Painting the railing may be a difficult job due to the curve. How do you approach this in practice and which paint do you use for the stair railing? Use the tips and work schedule of the professional and paint your handrail like a pro.

Paint round railing

Such a round handrail, also practical to hold but for painting that is something else. How do you paint a round handrail? “The best thing to do is to remove the banister if you want to paint it,” says the professional. ‘That way you have the most reach and you can reach it on all sides. Also at the back. My practical tip: leave the brackets on the back and screw the back onto the workbench. This way you have a stable resistance.

How to remove paint from railing?

Remove the handrail with bracket and all from the wall and attach it to the workbench. Before you can start painting the railing, you must remove existing paint. How do you do that? ‘Sand well or use a stripper . Sanding can be a bit difficult due to the curves. Bribery works best. Then scrape the paint off the railing with a paint scraper and clean the railing with Universol .

Paint railing

You actually paint a handrail on the same as wood.


  1. Degrease and clean paint layer
  2. Sand the handrail
  3. Make the handrail dust free
  4. Fill small holes and damage in stair railing
  5. Sand filled and filled areas
  6. Masking
  7. Apply primer
  8. Seams and cracks kitten
  9. Apply paint layer to stair railing
  10. Remove the adhesive tape
  11. Remove paint waste
  12. Clean tools

Which paint for handrail

You use a handrail intensively. You want a paint that is scratch and wear resistant so that you can enjoy your painted railing for a long time.

Handrail paint covering or with oil?

‘Never paint the stair railing with oil’, the professional advises. ‘Oil is much more sensitive to maintenance and you can never paint over again. If you are going to paint the railing, decide whether you want to keep the wood color or whether you want to give the railing a color. If you want to keep the wood color, choose a transparent parquet or stair lacquer. If you want to give the stair railing a color, choose a covering paint. Good to know: paint is more durable due to the high gloss level. ‘

Paint varnished stair railing

Is your railing in the paint and do you want to paint the railing in a covering color? That is also possible. ‘Degrease the surface well and sand the banister mat. Then use a suitable primer before painting the railing in the paint color ‘, the professional advises.